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Universal Life Church Minister


We are gathered here today to witness the coming together of 2 souls to join as one.

Choose from a number of vows and scripture or make your own beautiful unique memories. 

I want to help make this union a truly memorable moment. Face it, this is the beginning of your new life and it should be handled with care and love. Don't skim on your vows, after all it is the most important part of the day, Right?

Together we can make your ceremony as traditional as you want it or bring it to life with flair and pizazz

Faith based ceremonies are traditional and we take pride in including these aspects into the ceremony. Efficient in the diversity of religions, we bring out the best characteristics of each ceremonial facet.

Focusing on the purpose of the union between the couple and making a memorable service. Traditional and modern ceremonies are both arranged to the liking of the soon to be couple.  

Non-Religious ceremonies are tackled a little different. All suggestions welcomed. A couple can have a verse recited from scripture without it being a religious ceremony.

Officiate attire is flexible.

Holy Unions, Traditional & Non-Traditional Unions

Same Sex Unions, Non-Denominational & Interfaith Unions

Religious Ceremonies, Non Religious Ceremonies

Traditional & Special Touches

Contact us for your Wedding Ceremony. After you have filed your wedding application at the county clerk’s Office, we can commence with plans for your special day.

   1 - 30 miles of Newark NJ 07104 zip code- $400.00

   31- 50 miles of Newark NJ 07104 zip code- $450.00

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*This price includes the rehearsal