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Director and Founder

Khalifah is the CEO and Head Coordinator of Red Bow Events. She was taught to appreciate diversity from its core. Her creativity gives her Strength and Motivation.  Khalifah has the exceptional quality to make friends, family, and strangers alike, feel welcomed and comfortable. She began as a Bridal Consultant and broadened her education to Event Management. While perfecting her trade, she is looking for greater challenges.  

Red Bow Event/Wedding Coordinator

Khalifah has put time and effort into crafting a well, thought out event. In between designing menu's and creating press and media kits, she composes a timeline many find easy to follow. Platter design techniques and fashioning great room set ups. Uniquely pairing food and wine and picking the perfect flowers to kiss the theme. Some of the  hardest challenges faced in life are choosing between a deejay and a band, pink or pale patterns, sit down or buffet.  

Khalifah knows why traditions are important. Khalifah also knows why rebeling against them can be freeing. You want it, you got it - attitude brings the best results and pressure makes her job better. There is no client too "unmanageable". Every client is unique and special. That is why she goes above and beyond for her clients.





Khalifah Luciano

 We are in it to win it! We always do the best work possible and never fail. Our Success and Credibility depend on creativity and uniqueness, which are qualities Red Bow has based its' entire foundation. As head Coordinator, I give 'My Brides'  the ability to trust me and my team. We will bring Your Visions to life with sass and pizzaz. Making it fun for you and your gang, while we bear the burdens of stress and anxiety.

 We have the ability to work  with each client individually without a redirected focus. Each client will recieve 100% attention from the coordinator.